Our Work

Our Work

A small selection of the kind of things we do and have done.

Property Pages

A bespoke property managment systen for Scottish Esatate Agents and Solicitors to manage conveyancing from customer to sale.

Cemetery Management Systems

An online, and in-office managment system to record data and provide control of burials and cremations. Provides record handling, control and links to locate gravestones.

Bespoke CRM Systems

Created for one of Scotlands largest creative training and referral bodies to manage all their contacts and through journey of all their clients. Included a huge database of clients and their archives.

Brand Artwork

Created for a number of clients; full concept design of logos, creation of consistent branding across all media, and websites where needed.

Some Clients and Websites over the years

Pearsall Cartoons - Private Eye Cartoonist: Fergusson Soliciters: FVo1 - Voiceovers: The Research Centre: Artem: - Visual effects company: Cultural Enterprise Office: Kingsway Nursery: Nick Brimble - Actor: Paisley Cemetery Company: WOmen In Film and Television: Alliance Francaise - Language School: Paul Vogel - Designer:

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